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Why Visit Mozambique

Reason 1

Mozambique’s BIG 5 what a privilege to see them in Moz

Reason 2

Great weather warm water, world class diving and fishing, the freshest seafood and of course 2M and R&R’s

Reason 3

Stunning beaches


5 Days before my trip I was contacted by my usual Lodge. They had double booked me and now had no where to stay, I contacted Mozambique Reservations and they found me a spot right next to the Lodge I normally go to. I now have a new Travel Agent.

Francois de Walt - Customer

My husband and I recently got married, we had Mozambique Reservations help us book the perfect honeymoon. Everything had me worried before the wedding, except my Honeymoon. Mozambique Reservations took care of everything for me. Thank you for the best Honeymoon EVER!

Adele Jordaan - Customer